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Cumbre de los Pueblos - Chile 2013
  People’s Summit in Santiago de Chile in Preparation

Caracas, Jan. 4 AVN.- The social movements and political organizations of the Latin American continent are preparing the next People’s Summit, to be held in Santiago de Chile on January 25th through 27th, at the same time as the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC and the European Union (EU).

"We have been working together so that alongside the official conferences, a People’s Summit could give a voice to the demands and proposals of the mobilized peoples of the two regions who are fighting the neoliberal policies that are assail their societies and aim to obliterate their rights." explained the organizers in a communiqué.

In the face of the advance of "Austerity Measures" to confront the financial crisis that is shaking the European Union, the People’s Summit proposes "a unified response from our peoples and a radically different solution than the renewal and reinforcement of the current neoliberal model."

"The People’s Summit in Santiago is an important opportunity to question the different dimensions of the economic crisis and government attempts to use the investment of European capital in Latin America as a way to come out of it," they added.

They questioned the proliferation of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) in the region and their depredation of socio-economic rights, the environment and labor conditions and their acting as a mechanism that exacerbates already great social inequality."

- More information : People’s Summit of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe for Social Justice, International Solidarity and in Defense of the Commons

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